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God's desire for His children, is to be victorious overcomers in life and that first starts with developing victorious overcoming thinking that is rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

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“‘The Power of Supernatural Thinking’ by Judy Golightly is one of the finest works on this subject I have ever read. I recommend it to all Christians. It is one of the timeliest subjects for our culture. It is destined to be as good as other major works by outstanding teachers today.”
Dr. George H. Harris
Castle Hills First Baptist Church

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Judy Golightly

Founder of Thought Life Ministries and author of popular new Bible study, “The Power of Supernatural Thinking” Judy is living proof that there is power in supernatural thinking. One month after she finished writing this study, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Judy overcame the devastation of a mastectomy and weeks of chemotherapy by choosing to think and meditate on Gods promises instead of her difficult circumstances. God had used the months she spent writing “The Power of Supernatural Thinking” to build a strong foundation that couldn’t be shaken by the adversity of breast cancer.

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Change Your Thinking Change Your Life Seminars

A one-day, life-changing workshop that will help you develop a spirit-filled thought-life. Learn to exchange old natural, carnal, self centered thoughts for God’s higher thoughts. A renewed mind is the link to living a transformed and victorious life.

Topics include:

  • The importance of my thought life

  • The mind is the battle field

  • A renewed mind...a vital necessity

  • Walking in the truth of who I am in Christ

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